Audrey and my father

I have been shooting with a point-and-shoot camera for so long now that I’d forgotten just how amazing better cameras can be. My new camera has a spot metering mode, which allows me to pick a very small area of my subject and adjust the camera settings so that the area is correctly exposed. I […]

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We spent the day at Chippokes Plantation State Park doing one of our new favorite activities: hunting for fossils! I’ll write a longer post soon about this amazing Virginia state park, but, as you can see from the photo, we had a very successful day.

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Audrey stuck around after her skateboarding lesson to show off-- and wiggle!

Booty wiggle!

Audrey had her second skateboarding lesson today, and afterwards we hit the skate park so she could show off for the big boys. I’m sure they appreciated her booty wiggle at the end!

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One of the best things about our lifestyle is that we have a lot of flexibility to travel. We spent this weekend with friends from our time in Gainesville, visiting them on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. It was Audrey’s first time at the ocean and she loved every minute, from looking for ghost crabs at […]

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Ok, I don’t normally post photos like this, but when Audrey struck this pose at Target I just couldn’t resist. The title phrase is from Louis and Michael on Season 16 of CBS’s The Amazing Race, which I’ve been working my way through in reruns lately. I’m dying to do the show, but apparently don’t […]

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I don’t travel often without Audrey, and I haven’t been back to California since 2009, but I sure do miss it here! The weather, the liberal attitudes, the great food, the spirit of “anything is possible” that feels stronger here than elsewhere. I’m here for work for the next few days and am looking forward […]

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We spent the day in the Norfolk, Virginia, area today and finished up with a visit to the USS Wisconsin. There are dozens of rooms open to viewing, and Audrey was most impressed by the mess, the donut room (!), and the “heads” (showers and toilets). Looking at the berths we got to talking about […]

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Kindness of a stranger

Audrey and I took a walk on the Greensprings Interpretive Trail in Williamsburg, Virginia, today. As we were starting we met a jogger, who encouraged us on despite the threatening skies, telling Audrey about all of the animals she might see. When we ran into him again (actually, he was running and lapped us!) Audrey […]

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